Artist’s Statement 2013

I am an expressive painter and I begin the majority of my work by choosing colours and creating marks intuitively on the canvas or paper.   This is my favourite part of the creative process and one in which I can explore feelings and emotions.  I continue in this way for some time making marks with a variety of implements including brushes, rollers and twigs, reacting to each mark and colour spontaneously and subconsciously.  After a while I will stand back from the work and wait to see what appears to me on the canvas or what wants to be brought out of the canvas into conscious reality.  It may be a landscape, figurative or still life piece, I never know.  I will continue working like this, adding more paint, scraping though and reacting to the most recent mark until the painting tells me it is finished.  Sometimes during this process I will use collage and texture mediums in the work which add an interesting dimension to the surface quality of the work. Colour, pattern and texture always seem to find their way into my art.  I am always happy to experiment with mark making and have a dialogue with the painting as it progresses to allow the work the freedom to become what it wants to be.


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