Artist Statement 2014

My current work consists primarily of paintings created intuitively.  I prefer to create paintings this way thus allowing the work to develop gradually and morph naturally into what it wants to become.  I begin with a blank canvas and add colours and create marks spontaneously and intuitively until the canvas is covered.  I will then stand back and spend time staring at the painting and turning the canvas to see whether a composition emerges that I can work with.  If this is the case I then carry on painting - editing, adding and obliterating until I am happy with the piece.  During this time the painting can remain an abstract work or morph into a landscape, figurative or still life piece depending on what I see within the artwork or what wants to appear.  If nothing appears after this initial stage I carry on mark making and repeating the process until the painting speaks to me.  This can often take a long time and many layers of paint but eventually the shift happens.   

There are occasions when I will creating a painting using reference material (sketches or photos) but these are becoming increasingly rare as I prefer the spontaneous approach to creating art.


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